King-Lewis Family Practice

Leading London Private GP Service - High Quality Personalised Medical Care

Medical Consultations

 We look after you and your family’s medical needs throughout the year. Whether a new problem such as cough, fever, stress, anxiety, low mood, or pain or long-term conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma or arthritis; our experienced and empathetic team is ready to help. 

We can provide prescriptions for all ailments and can arrange for these to be delivered to your local pharmacy or have medication couriered to you at no extra cost by one of our partners. 

Health Screening

Fully aligned with the adage that prevention is better than cure, the practice provides comprehensive health screening within the clinic and uses our carefully selected partners and colleagues for further testing. Many of our patients attend an annual check with us to screen for problems including high blood pressure, raised cholesterol, diabetes, HPV infection / Pap smears and sexually transmitted infections. 

We tailor screening recommendations to each individual’s personal characteristics. This takes into account age, gender and family history, allowing us to advise on the optimal time and venue to screen for disease such as breast, bowel, ovarian and prostate cancer. Increasingly, our guidance takes account of genetic testing which can help identify any particular risk of you  developing these conditions. 

Home / Hotel Visits

We provide home or hotel visits when required for existing and newly-registered patients. Please contact the practice with your requirements so we can help. 

Children’s Health

 We provide comprehensive children’s GP services. This encompasses acute illness such as fever, cough, sore throat, tummy pain, vomiting or rashes as well as ongoing conditions such as asthma or eczema and developmental checks at all stages of childhood. We can provide all routine childhood vaccinations according to the UK or international schedules according to parents’ preference. Additional immunizations can also be provided, such as Chicken Pox vaccine and Gardasil-9 which provides broader protection than the standard “cervical cancer” vaccine provided as standard by the NHS, and any vaccines related to foreign travel. 

Women’s Health

The King-Lewis Family Practice looks after women’s physical and mental health needs throughout their life. We provide comprehensive contraception advice to those who are looking to avoid pregnancy and equally comprehensive advice on fertility to people who are considering starting a family or who may be concerned about fertility problems. We will refer to carefully selected and trusted specialists where necessary. We provide Private GP services during and after pregnancy in conjunction with our clients’ other antenatal and postnatal providers. 

Both Dr Morgan and Dr King-Lewis have particular interest in management of symptoms of the menopause and are able to advise on traditional HRT and “bio-identical” or “body-identical” HRT options as well as non-drug approaches. 

Men’s Health

We look after the full range of men’s health problems. Our personal approach allows us to deal with more sensitive concerns such as executive stress, depression and erectile dysfunction or other sexual issues in an empathetic manner that ensures the best outcomes for our clients. We have a trusted team of top-quality specialists to whom we refer when necessary. 

Travel Advice & Vaccines

Time off is essential for all of our well-being and our Private GP service is well-placed to advise you on how to avoid ill-health ruining your trip. We advise initial consultation 6-8 weeks prior to travel ideally, but can often provide appropriate advice at shorter notice. We carry a stock of common travel vaccinations and can source others at short notice when required. Anti-malarial tablet prescriptions and other medication for particular environments, such as altitude, is part of our individually-tailored provision. 

Dr Morgan is particularly skilled in travel medicine, having won the top Milne Prize for Tropical Medicine during his diploma studies at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. 

Genetic Testing

A particularly exciting new development for 2020 onwards, we have partnered with the London-based Everything Genetic and the US-based Color Lab to offer blood tests that examine your risk of cancer and heart disease as well as giving information on genes that can influence how your body processes various medications. A particular benefit of the service is the comprehensive counselling provided before testing and after results. This testing can be incorporated as part of an annual health check or undertaken at any other time. Your results can help refine our advice for your individual screening needs in the future. 


Dr King-Lewis trained in acupuncture with the British Medical Acupuncture Society and incorporates this into his practice for conditions as diverse as pain relief and anxiety. Please enquire if you have a particular interest in acupuncture as part of your management. 

Referrals to Leading Specialists

We work with a team of hand-picked specialists who are all leaders in their field to ensure you receive the highest quality of care at all stages, whatever your health concern. 

Our Private GPs are highly-qualified to deal with the majority of health issues you may bring to us, but when you need to see a specialist you can be assured we have done the appropriate research to ensure you see the best person for your needs.