King-Lewis Family Practice

Leading London Private GP Service High Quality Personalised Medical Care

Leading London Private GP Service High Quality Personalised Medical Care

Leading London Private GP Service High Quality Personalised Medical CareLeading London Private GP Service High Quality Personalised Medical CareLeading London Private GP Service High Quality Personalised Medical Care



Patients: All private patients must be registered with the King-Lewis Family Practice prior to seeing a doctor or being eligible for any of the doctor’s services. Patients may also be registered with an NHS doctor. Patients who have already registered with another private doctor can only be registered with this Practice when their contract with that doctor has expired or has been terminated formally.

Prescriptions: New patients requiring a repeat prescription will be offered an appointment with the doctor. Existing patients requiring repeat prescription may telephone or email their request to the Practice but must give a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Telephone Consultation: Telephone consultations may be given to patients free of charge following an appointment for a specific condition. For new conditions patients will be advised to make an appointment to see the doctor. In certain circumstances the doctor may deem it appropriate to offer telephone advice for new episodes and these consultations will be chargeable depending upon the amount of time spent and the actions taken.

Payment of fees: All fees must be paid at the time of consultation. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Switch Cards. We will also accept cheques or cash. We will provide a receipt for all payments and this may be used to reclaim the fee from your Health Insurance provider.

Payment Terms: In the event that a patient is unable to settle their invoice at the time of the consultation, a surcharge of £50.00 will be added to the invoice. If payment is not received within 30 days of the appointment date a further £50.00 will be added following which legal proceedings may be instigated.

Fee List:

• Check-up (full physical examination, blood screen)£395• Home Visit (depending on location)from £275• Short Consultation (approx 20 minutes)£125• Long Consultation (approx 40 minutes)£185• Oil & Gas Off Shore Medical£160• Telephone Consultation from £65• Administration Fee from £65

Cancellation Policy: a minimum of 24hrs notice should be given by patients wishing to cancel an appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee may be charged at the discretion of the doctor.

Consulting Hours: The Practice is open from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 6pm (5pm on Fridays). If patients need a doctor outside these hours the On Call Service is available on: 0344 257 9510.

Website: The information on the website is provided ‘as is’. KLFP has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that information provided on this website is accurate at the time of inclusion. However, it does not accept any liability for any inaccuracies or omissions. The information on this site may be out of date or inaccurate. KLFP reserves the right to make changes and corrections at any time without notice. The material on this website should not be used to replace professional medical care. KLFP strongly advises all users with health problems to consult a doctor who will be trained in observation and interpretation of symptoms and will be able to provide a proper diagnosis based on knowledge and understanding of all aspects of your condition and your medical history. The website may provide other links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. Because KLFP has no control over such sites and resources KLFP does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from such sites or resources. It is a condition of allowing you free access to the material on this website that KLFP will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, including direct, indirect, special and consequential loss or damage of any kind arising from the use of this information obtained either directly or indirectly from this website. The above exclusions and limitations apply only to the extent permitted by law. None of your statutory rights as a consumer are affected.

Regulation: We are required to comply with the principles and values on which good practice is founded, as laid down by the General Medical Council. The medical practitioners at the Practice are all subject to regular appraisal and adherence to the process of continuing medical education under the auspices of the relevant Royal College.

Communication and Confidentiality: If patients have any preference as to the method of our communication then please inform the practice manager. Unless instructed to the contrary we may communicate via email. Please note that correspondence via email carries a risk and we cannot guarantee confidentiality. As part of our security systems we routinely monitor all incoming and outgoing emails. Information we exchange via email is therefore sent at your own risk. Many patients prefer to conduct their medical care through the medium of telephone call or emails. This represents a serious increase in risk as anything other than face to face communication is known to increase error rate and risk. Requests are frequently made for repeat prescriptions and the provision of other medication to be arranged via telephone, face or email. These methods do not have protected legal status and objective research has shown that they are all liable to an increased level or error. Doctors discourage the use of telephoned prescriptions for topping up routine supplies of medication.

Complaints: We aim to offer all patients a friendly and efficient serviced and hope you will be pleased with the work that we do for you. Should a patient be unhappy about any of the services or care that we have provided, a complaints procedure has been set up to ensure that all grievances are dealt with rapidly and efficiently for the benefit of all parties concerned. Complaints should be sent in writing to the Practice Manager who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint at the earliest opportunity. After a thorough investigation a meeting may be arranged where the matter can be discussed openly, recorded and hopefully resolved.

Complaints Procedure: We strive to improve our service at all times and suggestions for improvement of the practice are welcomed. The practice manager is available to receive your comments and to deal with any problems which may arise. Should you feel the need to raise a formal complaint please see our policy outlined below:-

1. We request that all complaints are in writing.
2. All complaints will receive a response at the earliest opportunity.
3. A full response will be made within 20 working days of receipt.
4. The complainant will receive written confirmation of the stages of investigation and any action taken.
5. All staff will be trained on the complaints procedure and how to deal with a complaint.
6. All complaints will be filed along with the actions taken.
7. If you remain unhappy following your complaint response, you may contact: The Independent Doctors Federation, 11 Chandos St, London W1G 9EB

Acceptance of your registration with the Practice will amount to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.